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The type of woman I need

I need the type of woman
I can nurture and sow.
A woman that's willing to
mortally and Immortally grow

A woman that's not afraid
of education
or dedication.

A woman who strives
to improve both our lives.
A woman who is sweet and kind
but can be open to speak her mind
without thinking it's a crime.

A woman that naturally reeks
a deep sense of order and harmony
that radiates her external beauty.

A woman that is brave
who doesn't exist like a slave
and the path that she piously travels
is the one that she and God paved.

A red/black/green
head banner wearing nappy headed
raw food/vegan eating
drum rhythm booty shaking
Zulu tongue cussing love making
sistah Souljah…………………in my bed
who will co-create with me
on a spread of riddles/proverbs/poetry.

Written by Olutunde

Olutunde Poets Page