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I felt the fire of the bullet
burn through my flesh without shame
falling to the ground gazing up at the sky
releasing myself from my worries and pain
telling myself that if I must
today will be a good day to die

I have watched my people's blood
soak beyond the grass deep into the plains
their tears drip from their faces
soaking their cheeks like drops of rain
the legacies of their existence speaking from their eyes
saying that we have lived well
and today will be a good day to die

If I must walk in spirit
joining the old ones who have come before
If I must raise and aim my gun
to battle in a" to the end" war
then I will do so in my most furious battle cry
because today will be a good day to die

I have watched my enemies kill my father
My mother and grandmother too
I cried for them until I could no-longer
Realizing that there was nothing else to do
But paint my face in red with the blood of the dead
I will no more shed tears from my eyes
I am a warrior who will sacrifice his life for justice
Because today is a good day to die

Written by Olutunde

Olutunde Poets Page